By Madison Huizinga

Since its launch in 2015, Ottolinger has secured its position as a brand that challenges limits, ripping apart the status quo to compose pieces that question and subvert norms. The Berlin-based brand is the cutting-edge conception of Swiss designers Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient, who met at the Fashion Design Institute at HGK Basel. While the pair have near-perfected the classic curve-flattering silhouette, their spring 2021 collection ventures into new terrains, playing with boxy, flared, and cinched shapes that dispute the standard contours of clothing.

The raw hems and natural fabrics featured in the SS21 collection signify a connection to the earth. A soft, warm sunrise washes over pieces, while others are frayed, torn, and fiercely tied back together. The natural materials are intermittent with bright colors, reckless patterns, and industrial-like silhouettes. A mix of organic and inorganic, a reflection of the planet we’ve come to know. Stepping into these pieces is like stepping into an alternate reality: colorful, adventurous, and other-worldly.

Ottolinger showcases a masterful balance between tenderness and instability, whimsicalness and edge. The avant-garde garments, worn by the likes of Kylie Jenner, pay homage to timeless motifs while carving the path for a brave new world of erratic and bold aesthetics. To enter this world, shop Ottolinger’s SS21 collection at Terminal 27 today.

To enter this world, shop Ottolinger’s SS21 collection at Terminal 27 today