Through use of colour, light and energy, Colombo explores a visual journey toward individuation. Lea Colombo’s independently produced inaugural solo show is now open for view at Terminal 27 from September 22 - October 18.

By Umar Issa

How would you describe yourself? 

Lea: Currently; Colourful, Calm and Centered. 

What does COLOURS OF MY BODY [C.O.M.B.] mean to you - from the literal words (the title of your exhibition) to the collection of works as a whole? Why is it particularly special to you?

Lea: It came about when I was writing out my surname one day and realised that COL(ours) O(f) M(y) BO(dy) spells out C.O.M.B and from there it was just a beautiful affirmation of myself and my work and how I wanted to ignite and showcase colour and with my body. It all just fell into place. So it holds a strong significance as its resonance connects straight to my core. 

Your work frequently involves capturing moments of others. What was it like turning the lens back on yourself? 

Lea: At first somewhat daunting. The moment I let my guard down and trusted myself to go deeper, it was just a natural act of moving my body around and seeing it in such a new and explorative light, something now in hindsight I am so thankful for. Its a really interesting space as it can bring up any fears or self criticism, its a real reflection and introspection of self. A mirror to presence. 

During the creation of C.O.M.B, did you set out to explore any limits or boundaries that have been placed on you by yourself or the outside world? What were those limitations and how did you explore or exceed them? 

Lea: To be honest, I haven’t set myself any limitations. I feel the reason its all come together so well is because I have always trusted in allowing and giving the space that it needs. I could have still take it further and further, but I guess at some point I felt when it was the right moment to pause and feel that this body of work was enough for this first level of C.O.M.B. 

What does your creative state of mind look like? Are you following your intuition? How do you do that?

Lea: Yes, I always follow my intuition. So I trust and I allow to be guided. I don’t know it any other way. My creative mind sees colours and energies and keeps taking me to further places that I can access as I trust in the process of allowing them to unfold. If that makes sense?  

You utilize colour in such a powerful way throughout C.O.M.B. What does colour mean to you and how do you feel it interacts with emotion? Does colour help you communicate emotion?

Lea: Colours have such an impact on the mind, the body , the soul. On all of us. They hold such power and energy and the way we gravitate towards them is so fascinating as it differs from soul to soul. Colours hold emotion, they can also heal emotions and enlighten the body. Theres so much that can be told and felt with the use of colour. 

What emotions and feelings emerged as you were in the process of creating C.O.M.B. and how were they expressed through colour?

Lea: At times a sense of vulnerably, that actually resulted in a lot of softer tones being accessed and portrayed. Then on other days the colours were much stronger, darker, poignant, this only symbolised another energy, perhaps the more masculine that I’d be feeling. Overall a whirlwind of emotions and feelings, and all encompassing their own colour. 

What do you think this work reveals about you to the world? Are there any messages, emotions, or feelings you hope the audience will receive when experiencing C.O.M.B.? 

Lea: Let the colour guide you, tune into it, recognise it, see it, feel it. Really see what resonates. Trust in the process of it all, in yourself. We are full of constant colour. 

What did you learn about yourself in creating C.O.M.B.?